Do I need to buy tickets?

No, this is a free event

I’ve got little ones - is there plenty to do?

Absolutely, this is a highly interactive family day out. There will be lots to see, do and touch.

I’m intending to come to Festival of Heroes for a day out - where can I park?

We have a free park and ride system set up capable of moving 280 people every 15 minutes. If you are from Arbroath please, please consider coming on foot or jumping on a local bus circular to get you in to town and then walking to Victoria Park.

Official Festival of Heroes Park & Ride Car Parks can be found along the waterfront of Arbroath near to Arbroath Football Club. For these car parks you just arrive on the day. All of the car parks will be attended by professional parking attendants to guide you in and park nice and neatly to maximise the number of cars that can use the free facility.

There are also 2 reserved parking areas at Seaton Park and Springfield Park. These are only accessible if you have a parking pass for them – DO NOT try and come to these car parks as you will not get in to them and be turned away.

Will there be disabled parking?

Yes, on-site disabled parking will be available for Blue Badge holders. A parking pass will need to be applied for. Please do so here.

I’m coming by private hire bus or military transport - where can we park?

Minibuses will be able to park on site, as will military transport vehicles. Coaches will only be able to drop off and pick up on-site and will need to find suitable parking elsewhere in town.

Can I bring my dog?

Victoria Park is an open public space and the decision to bring your dog as a responsible dog owner is up to you. The displays will include jet noise, gun and artillery fire.

As the event organisers, we advise against bringing your dog. If you decide to bring your dog, you do so at your own choice and the dog must remain on a lead for the entire time.

Any dogs left in vehicles in the car parks must be done so in a responsible manner and any dog in distress may result in the car park stewards taking appropriate action to provide relief to your dog to provide relief from heat or provide air.

Army Capability Display - that’s going to be too loud isn’t it?

There will be SA80 machine gun fire and loud bangs from the artillery shells. Everything is well within reasonable limits and there will be safety exclusion zones for noise in line with military regulations.

I, or someone I am coming with, suffers from PTSD. Where can I/we go during the Army capability display?

There will be a tent erected at the farthest away point from the demonstration within the park where anyone who suffers from PTSD can go for the duration of the Army Capability Display. Alternatively, hop on one of the park and ride buses and go for a short visit to the harbour before coming back after the display is over.

Can we bring alcoholic drinks to the park?

Arbroath is covered by an enhanced no drinking zone bylaw which came in to effect in September 2011 that prohibits drinking in public places. Having a drink on site is possible though as there is a licensed beer tent with a food concession beside it so you can take the under 18s in as it is designated a ‘family friendly’ area. Anti-social drinkers will be requested to leave the bar area by security personnel and passed over to Police Scotland if they continue to behave in an unreasonable manner.

I’ve got a small pleasure craft, is it safe for me to be in the sea area off of Victoria Park and enjoy the Red Arrows?

No. Categorically not. The sea area around Victoria Park from Danger Point to the start of the cliffs is under the flying line. If you are within this area, you are putting yourself at risk and due to health and safety changes to the Civil Aviation Authority and Military Aviation Authorities new rules after the Shoreham Air Show disaster, the Red Arrows will be unable to fly and you will ruin it for everyone.

Please stay on dry land and come to Victoria Park to be part of the bigger event or if you are going out on the water, enjoy it more than 1000m out from the Victoria Park shoreline. The RNLI ALB and ILB will be patrolling the area.

Can I be part of the event with my business/charity?

Yes. You can please go to our Apply to be a trader webform and fill it in. The event organiser will contact you to discuss your needs.

Can I use a drone in the area for fun or filming?

No. Drones are forbidden in the event space due to the risks involved and the military assets flying in the area. Anyone found with a drone will be requested to put it away and failure to do so will result in Police Scotland being called to assist such is the seriousness of the danger to aircraft.

I want to walk the cliff walk that day - can I?

No, from 10:00 to 15:30 the top path to the start of the cliffs will be cordoned off on safety grounds. As part of our displays, the area around the cliffs will have explosive charges and have a safety exclusion zone.

There is also a helicopter landing site in this area which again must have clearance for safety. There will be no access to Victoria Park from the cliff path and there will be no access to the cliff path from Victoria Park. Walkers should start/end their walk at Auchmithie. If you want to walk along the cliff path to observe the Red Arrows you will be able to walk up to a certain point and can gain access to Victoria Park after the Red Arrows display has finished at 15:30